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Formacore Curtain Wall Edge Closeouts

Panels may often require edge closeouts when used as assembly components or as part of a larger project.
Edge closeouts offer a variety of advantages including:

  1. Seal panels against water or chemicals vapors
  2. Provides a connection point for special hardware including hinges or cam locks
  3. Provides a structural tie to adjoining or supporting structural members
  4. Allows panels to be joined at angles or flat edgewise
  5. Clean, aesthetic appearance

There are two basic types of edge closeouts: internal and external. Internal closeouts are incorporated during panel fabrication while external closeouts are added after fabrication.

 Formed edge panel – face sheet only
 Formed edge panel – face and back sheet
 Molding Clips
 “C” channel extrusion bonded into panel as a frame. Channel bonded into panel. Legs out or in.
 Special extrusions can be made to accommodate top and bottom skins.
 Metal extrusion bonded into panel as a frame
 Channel extrusion. Simplest close out.
Legs of channel can be nipped and
bent or mitered at corners.
 Cut edge panel